Project Bridge

Helen and Mike participate in a program called Project Bridge. The goal of this program is to build avenues of communication between scientists at Hopkins and members of the community. Once a month, the Regot Lab graduate students help run a science booth at the local farmers market. With simple, fun experiments we hope to[…]

Presenting our new tool: DOCs (Dynamic Opto Cell stimulator)

Light sensitive molecular switches have emerged as a powerful tool to interrogate signaling networks and their dynamic behavior. However, to address such questions light needs to be delivered with specific dynamic and spatial patterns. Such patterns can be easily achieved under the microscope by using a wide variety of solutions such as digital mirrors. These devices provide unique[…]

Call for Applications !!

We are currently seeking strong applicants to join the lab !! Each person will develop their own projects studying signaling dynamics at single cell level. Applicants should be highly motivated, independent, and very hard working. Specifically, we are looking for interactive, team working people that are interested in exploring new fields and assume risks. Successful candidates[…]

Starting fall 2015!!

If you are interested in joining the lab do not hesitate to contact us!! The Molecular Biology and Genetics Department at Johns Hopkins School of medicine has a long tradition of excellence and amazing science but the most incredible thing is the “family” feeling within the department. From the Nobel laureate Dr. Carol Greider until[…]