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We are looking for highly motivated students, postdocs and research assistants with an interest in cell biology, signaling networks, immunology and cancer biology. Candidates with bioengineering, biophysics or bioinformatics background are encouraged to apply.

Post-doctoral candidates should contact Sergi directly via e-mail. We are interested in candidates with expertise in cell-biology, biochemistry and protein engineering. Candidates with a background in using mouse models are strongly encouraged to apply. All candidates must be highly motivated and have a strong record of independent research.

Graduate students enter the lab through one of the graduate programs at Johns Hopkins. We are current members of the Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology (BCMB) graduate program. BCMB graduate students should contact Sergi directly via e-mail to discuss potential rotation projects.

Undergraduates are also welcome to apply. Please contact Sergi directly with a CV and summary of research interests. Ideally we expect a long-term commitment to a research project, typically two academic years. Usually undergraduates will be asked to volunteer for the first term and can then receive pay thereafter.