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Understanding Antigen Discrimination by T Cells

T cells are constantly making life-or-death decisions based on minute differences in antigen, a process known as antigen discrimination. This process relies on the ability of T cells to measure the temporal properties of the TCR-Antigen-MHC interaction. We use a combination of unique mouse models, live cell biosensors, and advanced image analysis tools to study[...]
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Visualizing Single Molecules in Live Cells

Cell signaling is governed by the stochastic nature of molecular interactions. To understand how cell fate decisions emerge from this stochasticity, approaches that link the behavior of single molecules with cell fate are needed. We combine live super-resolution microscopy of single molecules with single cell biosensors to understand how order emerges from chaos.
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Single Cell Biosensors

Since the discovery of AvGFP, extraordinary progress has been made to observe molecular events in live cells. However the number of signaling events that can be monitored is still relatively scarce. To address this issue, we use synthetic biology and protein engineering to develop new genetically encoded biosensors. These molecular indicators enable exciting new possibilities[...]
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Signaling and Cell Cycle Dynamics

Cells live in a constantly changing environment, accordingly signaling networks have evolved to be extremely dynamic. To study signaling dynamics and its role in controlling cell cycle we use live cell imaging of fluorescent biosensors. These technologies provide the spatial and temporal resolutions required to understand how single cells sense and properly respond appropriately to[...]
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